“He beats me up when drunk but he’s the best”; Wife tells why she keeps her marriage despite domestic violence.

“He beats me up when drunk but he’s the best”; Wife tells why she keeps her marriage despite domestic violence.

“He beats me up when drunk but he’s the best”; Wife tells why she keeps her marriage despite domestic violence.

“I and my husband has been married for good five years now and we are blessed with two kids, his is the best man I have ever meet despite the fact he beat me up whenever he come in drunk, I have tried all I could but isn’t working so I decide to keep my house than losing it.”

Anita who has been married for five years and had two kids with her husband has been swimming in the pool of domestic violence but choose to stick to her relationship and keep her home rather than walking out of the relationship considering her frequent hectic experience

She shares her story and how she was able to reduce the frequency of her engaging in domestic violence with her husband and why she had engage herself long enough in such a rebellion engagement that could lead to a disaster or even fatality.

Considering her involvements, she had suffered from the hazardous act and had some time been admitted in the hospital when she sustained severe injury and had a threatening medical condition though her husband would pay the bills and shown sign of sympathy but won’t stop drinking.

“He beats me up when drunk but he’s the best”; How it started

“I really love my husband and considered him the best man I have ever meet, before I married him, I have had several failed relationships, some cheated and still put up a fight with me, so lied and used me, so deceive and stole away from me even a guy scammed me.”

“The worst I had was a guy from Ondo state, he claimed to love me and had secured my love and trust, he was nice at the beginning and always show sign of care not knowing he had come to scam me and take away my happiness.”

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“I am a business lady and I had a shop filled with wears both male and female, foreign and local material. I sell shoes, bag and fashioned wears. When I meet him initially I had an estimate of about N800,000 worth of goods in my shop”.

“He introduced himself to be a dealer in all kinds of fashion wears. He narrated to be an importer and an international business man, he really did prove it up to the point he secured my trust. He had imported stocks for me on two different occasions that yield huge profit for me.”

 “He came up with an idea that really got me, he proposed I buy foreign goods in large quantity to stock because Christmas is near and that’s the season for fashion wears. I was carried away not knowing of the danger ahead, I was thinking of huge profit ahead.”

“The cost of the proposed goods is much than I can get on my own, we had to source for fund. Using my shop, we were able to secure loan from a Micro-finance bank. we realized a total of N1.5 million and he was in possession of the fund.”

“It was funny how he ran away with my money, I didn’t see goods, he didn’t see my money and I couldn’t find kola. I lost all my money and had to get mean of paying back my debt else I will definitely loss everything to the bank.”

“I was in that mess, I was almost running out of life, I couldn’t figure out myself again, it’s like and dead already. The only thing that was coming to my mind is to commit suicide because there is no where I could run to, I had nothing left than empty shop.”

“He beats me up when drunk but he’s the best”; How we meet

“At the very hard phase of my life, mike shows up. Mike gave me reasons to live, he shows me an alternative and was ready to help me out of my situation. He was a bank official he has a car and earn good salary at that time.”

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“I knew mike at my tender age, we were once childhood friend that fate bought us together at the point I felt it was already finished, he sold his car to clear off my debt, he helped me secure a loan in his bank to get my business up and running again.”

“Mike was an angel sent to rescue me, he just saved my life and redeemed my business. He proposed to marry me, I accepted and we got married few months later. We were happily married and our home was fun of love, care and fun at the beginning.”

“We had our first baby two years after our marriage but it was happiness diluted with bitterness because mike, my husband just got fired from his work, that was the foundation of our predicaments which lead to how the problem started.”

How he lost he job and become a drunkard

“A fraudulent act was committed within his bank, the fraudster was arrested but his personal identification was also link to the fraud but he was freed and tagged innocent because his friend had used his login details in the act.”

“Despite him being innocent and freed, the manager tagged him to be careless and untrusted for making his identification known to other staffs of the bank explaining how risky his reluctant act is to the bank and other bank officials. He was fired.”

 “subsequent to his job lost, he began drinking alcohol, and whenever he got drunk we seem to engage in violence argument that will prompt him hitting me and beating me up, he will apologize later but the act has been committed already and it kept repeating.”

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“He beats me up frequently, and sometime, I will be admitted in the hospital, we had been living like this for years now even before conceiving my second baby.”

“Friends and family had advised me to kid rid of him since my business is running smoothly but they never knew he was the source and my energy. He presence around me give me hope that despite all I have been through, I can still bounce back and be better.”

“I have tried my best to bring him back to his normal life just the way he brought me back but it’s not working. I have tried violently but I end up been beaten. I tried it calm he will apologize but he won’t keep up to promise for more than three (3) days.”

“So now, I accept him the way he is but kept on praying for his redemption. I hope it get better some days but since I stopped violence argument when he drunk he don’t beat me up again, he just messes up the room and kept disgracing our family around the house.”

Anita just narrated that he had accepted he fate and choose to stick with her family rather than forsaking hos drinking husband at his hard time.”

The big question.

Who on earth can considerably be like Anita. Who can manage a drunkard and yet accept all the assaults and humiliations?

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