“He loved me but I love his friend”; Lady reveal why she slept with her boyfriend’s best friend

“He loved me but I love his friend”; Lady reveal why she slept with her boyfriend’s best friend
“He loved me but I love his friend”; Lady reveal why she slept with her boyfriend’s best friend

“Ever since we first meet in the park, I had fall in love for Jude but he won’t ask me out, he is supporting his friend Yemi who seems to love me arrange a smooth and working relationship between us, but I don’t feel anything for Yemi.”

A lady shares a shocking but interesting story of how he melts two friends but the love she loves didn’t asked her out rather, he was helping his friend who show to like her prepare a smooth relationship between her and his friend whom she never liked.

She claimed to love Jude and has identify him as her choice the first day they meet but it turns out that Yemi is the one that fall in love with and not Jude. Bright loves jude but not Yemi, Yemi love Bright while jude is in love someone else.

Yemi spent lots of time trying to show his love for Bright but she keeps hoping for Jude who has a girlfriend already and will never come. Jude would only try to convince her on Yemi’s proposal, he would only give her reason to love Yemi back but she won’t listen

How it started

“He loved me but I love his friend”; Lady reveal why she slept with her boyfriend’s best friend

“I was at the park one beautiful Saturday; I was to go Ibadan for a wedding ceremony. A loaded bus had just left so I have to wait until the current bus get fully loaded. I booked a sit, paid and place my bag on my seat so I came down from the bus and sat outside.”

“While, I noticed two guys walking towards my direction, one is fair in complexion (Jude) and the other dark (Yemi).  They were both moving towards me. They were smiling as they keep coming nearer. Jude is more Handsome and outspoken”

“it was Jude that greeted first, they sat beside me keeping me company until my bus was about to move. They pleaded and ask for my number in which I gave mainly berceuse of Jude. He has gotten my attention with his complexion and smile”

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“they kept calling confirming the status of my journey until I got to my destination. Yemi was always calling and chatting me up but I was really interested in Jude, the fair one that approached first. I don’t have a yet picture of their play yet but I have always been internally pleased going out with Jude.”

She is interested in Jude and not Yemi

“Our first date was very fun that I wished for me except the fact that Yemi actually express his love and intention toward me and had wish I could give him a chance to prove his love. He claimed he intend to get married soon and would love to settle down with me but the problem is I don’t feel same for him.”

“I love Jude his friend but, I tried my best trying to show him how passionate I am to be his girl but retained the mind of me and Yemi starting a relationship. As he always says, my friend Yemi loves you so much that he can’t do without you, he is madly in love with you and I will appreciate if two of you could have it work out”

“Those words irritate me when he ever he says it. But Yemi has always been kind, caring and loving. He always calls confirm how pleased and satisfied I am and will most time buy me gifts and beautiful items. He is used to going out on a date every Friday and will always request I go with him”.

“He tried as I much as I have ever witness to show me love and care just that I dint have feelings for him as my mind and heart eagerly want Jude who is not showing interest in me. I tried on multiple occasion to convince him but he won’t listen, he just wants me to date his friend”

Her ridiculous actions

“In other to keep communicating and maintaining close contact with Jude, I decided to start a relationship with Yemi but deep inside of me, I don’t have feelings for him but he is the only source through which I can have time with Jude.”

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“After months of courtship between me and Yemi, I was not satisfied and something inside need Jude because the closer we are the more passionate I become to have him by my side. I continued to develop deep feeling for Jude while maintaining a relationship with Yemi.”

“My persistent feeling for Jude made me want to have him to myself, I started planning on how to have sex with him but he seems to be too smart and committed to the relationship between him and his friend Yemi”

She forcefully slept with Jude

“He loved me but I love his friend”; Lady reveal why she slept with her boyfriend’s best friend

“On a cool Friday evening, I invited him over to my house with an excuse that I want to discuss Yemi so he accepted and came by, I had already prepared a fruit juice contaminated with sleeping piles so he could sleep over in my house”

“he drank the juice and feel sleepy, I don’t know he has already called Yemi to asked if there any issue telling him about our meeting and the reason for the date. He was about to fall asleep totally but I manage to help him walked down to room and laid him on my bed.”

“I was carried away, I was excited, I felt plead and was curious to have it with him. I take off his cloth and mine, I landed myself on him and was far gone in the game of romance. It seems impossible and difficult trying to get a sleeping man ready for sexual act but I was determined.”

The unexpected visitation of Yemi

“I was far gone in the act of sexual pleasure that I don’t noticed when Yemi came in and had come beholding me on his friend Jude. He was catastrophic event but Jude was far asleep and could noticed what was happening.”

“I quickly jumped up in disbelief trying to let him understand that I love his friend and not him, he burst out in tears and walked away, I was sad but seems to be sexually pleased, I took time to shut the door and continue my sexual pleasure with Jude”

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“Jude don’t wake up until morning because I dissolve over dose of the pile in the juice, he jumped up in disbelief as he is naked, I was already awake but still laying on the bed.  I instantly began asking for his forgiveness and wished he understand what am going through emotional.”

The bitter Outcome of her action

“I explained how I have loved him from the first sight and narrate the reason for me accepting his friend is to be close to his heart. I pleaded he forgive and give me a chance in his life that I love him so much and will do anything for the relationship to work out.”

“He tagged me to be a cruel and heartless lady, he picked his belonging, wears his cloth and walked away leaving a warning that I never ever tried calling his number again. He vowed to ripe my bones apart when next he set his eyes me.”

“It was then I realized how stupid I am to have forced myself on Jude leaving the one that truly love me, I wish I had another chance to work it out but that’s was how everything ended. I Lost both of them forever.”

Big Question is

Having explained how she lost her partial boyfriend, could have been anything bad if she had cleared off the fact that she can only date Jude and not Yemi.

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