How marriage ruined my career and made me a handicap

How marriage ruined my career and made me a handicap, Domestic violence victim share her story

“I have been married for eight (8) years now to my so called husband who later transformed into a domestic monster and a frightening beast that has put me in this unhuman condition”

“I am helpless and hopeless due to the outcome of my marriage experience and now I share my story to the world”.

Mrs. Adeola Victoria is a native of omuo, in Ekiti east local government, Ekiti state and she is married to Mr. Adeolo Ajao who is from Akure, Ondo state.

They both live in Lagos are married for eight (8) years, Eight years of frustration and bitterness.
Marriage has been analyzed as fundamentals of human live.

It’s a necessity to get married but it is not compulsory to remain in a marriage full of frustration and bitterness which is the case of this couple.

Mrs. Adeola on this fact has lost her sight as well as her career and she is left hopeless and helpless due to her personal experience in marriage.

She shares her story to guild and help other secure a safe live. Carefully read the summary of her bitter part of marriage.

How we meet and how the relationshipstarted

I meet Adeola back in the university of Ibadan, she studies Accounting while I studies Business Management.

We first meet in stadium on cool Friday evening where I and some of my friends was having a kind of relaxation and paying less attention to the player and their sporting activities.

He walked up to me seeking for my attention which I am not ready to give because he was a stranger, I have never meet him before.

Few of my friend asked I listen to him while others suggest we leave him and the entire venue so as to avoid his disturbance.

I denied him the attention he seeks for and walk away that day but long after that we meet again at the canteen, she had few minutes’ conversation introducing our self-based educationally.

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We know each name, discipline, faculty and name that time before departing from each other.

Adeola claim to loved me and always give reasons why I should give him a chance for a relationship.

He promised to marry me and make me comfortable to as much extend I desired, he is used to bringing penny gifts like fruits and soft drinks whenever he comes for visitation.

Most of my friends found him loving and advised I give him a chance, he do help me do my assignments whenever am occupied or felt too tired, even when am strong, he always stand by me which I considered to be the definition of love but I was not having a foresight of the outcomes of our union.

We both graduated together and have did our youth service since year but in different states. The love was becoming stronger despite the fact that youth service departed us. We do communicate as often as we are chanced.

Their graduation and wedding

How marriage ruined my career and made me a handicap

We got married after a year of post service because we both have a job then and we have work hard to gather as much as we can to get a comfortable apartment in Lagos closer to his working place.

I work in a faraway location and do come home late most times because of traffic coupled with the distance.
One faithful day, I was coming from work as usual as he was already at home due the closeness of his working place.

In getting inside, he was so mad at me yelling at me for coming home late. I tried to explain but he won’t listen. He had starting fluctuating his altitude.

In was the raining season and traffic seems more terrible, it’s becoming difficult to get a cab while he had got a car with the help of a car loan offered to employees in his company, but he won’t understand the stress I pass through to keep up to work daily.

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How the story changed and the home turning into a violence gathering

I can remember vividly, on the 2nd of August 2019, I got home very weak and tired.

I have had a stressful day and my health is very weak not knowing I was pregnant. He asked “why are you coming now and where are you coming from”.

And I replied being weak “am coming from work of course and I am so tired and stress out, me and the manager went for a business meeting today and the traffic was terrible, I don’t even understand what’s wrong with my system, am tired”.

How marriage ruined my career and made me a handicap

Without hesitation he slapped me so bad for the first time, while trying to ask what the cause of the slap, he begin punching me, I cried out for help but it was flat, no one hard my scream for help.

Sooner, I begin to notice red like liquid flowing out from my virginal, at that time he noticed too, he stopped beating me as we both pay attention to my health.

The scary story, how she lost her baby

It was blood coming out of my virginal and could help but to keep screaming.

He quickly carried me, put me in his car and took me to the hospital where we were told that I was pregnant and I just lost the baby, I had miscarriage.

At that point I felt my marriage is becoming faulty and unbearable. The brutality and the yelling kept increasing even after I lost my baby.

How marriage ruined my career and made me a handicap

I reached out to my parent but they advised me to remain in my home (my marriage). They tried talking with him, we had family meeting with is family as well as my family.

He pleaded guilty and promise to change but the situation keep getting worse.

I was advised to leave the marriage by my friends but parent won’t just support me, I was hoping for change and a better tomorrow until the worst happened.

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He insisted I quit my job to become a full house wife, he stated that stress has been preventing me from having another pregnancy, he reached out to his parent and they supported him.

I quit my job thinking to have my marriage back to normal but it wasn’t the solution. I just lost my career for marriage.

The situation became worsen as I totally lost my freedom, he controls my movements, my activities an even how I communicate to everyone including my parents.

At this time the only I dream of is to run away but it was too late, the lockdown had begun and he stayed home always.

How Victoria lost her sight becoming helpless

On march 30th 2020, we were at home, my phone rang and he insisted I didn’t pick the call.

We begin argument and before I could know what was happening, I begin hit me so hard, I cried for help but none was successful, I tried to free myself my hitting him below (below his penis) with my knee.

He felt it so hard that he poured hot water to my face (he wanted to make tea with the water). I felt unconscious in pain and agony.

I don’t know what happened next but,
i became conscious but everywhere was black, I couldn’t see again, I had lost my sight and he had ran away immediately brining me to the hospital.

How I wish I walked out of the marriage safe and healthy and still have my job, I would have gotten more opportunity and I can start again, but now I have lost it all. My parents had to take me back home because am hopeless and helpless now.

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