“I love my husband but can’t do without my boyfriend”; cheating wife explain

“He loved me but I love his friend”; Lady reveal why she slept with her boyfriend’s best friend

“I love my husband but can’t do without my boyfriend”; cheating wife explain reason for cheating

“I love my husband so such from the debt of my heart, I don’t wish to lose him, I don’t want to leave because I can’t live without him but I have this other guy I tagged my boyfriend that we engage in sexual activities who I can’t do without also.”

Fortune claimed to love her husband but keeps seeing someone else which means she is cheating on her husband and badly says, she can’t do without the other guy. We beloved love entails respect and integrity but she has her reasons.

She has narrated that, the most important reason she kept seeing the other guys is to balance her relationship with her husband who she claimed to love so dearly. She was cheating to keep her home safe and healthy from destruction. She narrated thus:

Fortune family and relationship

“I and my husband have been married for over 15 years now, we have three (3) kids and we seem to be living fine. I love my husband so much and will do anything to maintain my home, relationship and the bond between us”

“I cherished him always and do things that pleases him, I see him as a kind husband and a good father that I should never messed with. He plays his role as the head of the house, he pays the bills and will always finance the family need.”

“He don’t totally have much time with the family due to the nature of his job. He works in a ship and may sometime be away for weeks and even up to a month. He tries to fill in the gap of his absence when he returned.”

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“He do take the me and the kids on vacation, on tour and most time shopping but there is something he never tends to care about. No matter the length of his absence, maybe weeks or month or even months, he never cares about it and that’s the problem I had.”

Fortune reason for cheating

“My husband never cares for our sexual life, when he comes back he acts as if it normal for him to leave for weeks or months and might sometimes not even engaging in sexual activities with me till he departs again for work.”

“When I tried to force him, he ends up complaining about the nature of his job and the stress he has been through for weeks onboard that he had come to get some rest and regain energy. He might use up the entire break for recovery.”

“Since I noticed that, I stopped picking up fight to maintain peace in my home and will just wait patiently hoping he get in strength as soon as possible so he can satisfy my sexual desire which tend to be by chance. Sometimes he had moment for once and sometimes none.”

“It’s pissing me off; I can’t endure anymore.  Am beginning to think I made the wrong choice of man but considering his support for the family, he seems to be the best. He provides every single thing we need and wont relent in financing our budgets.”

Fortune meet her boyfriend

“At this point, I begin thinking of solutions but yet I needed to keep my home safe and sound most importantly for our kids. They love their father because he gets them everything they need when his available. He solves all their need before he goes but I wasn’t satisfied.”

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“I felt cheated but I had to consider the happiness of my kids too, I don’t want to leave the marriage but I needed to be treated like a lady. Am just 40 years, I can’t forsake sexual pleasure and satisfaction, I needed to balance the gap and still keep my home.”

“I was at the mall one day and I ran into a long seen friend of mine. He was my high friend but we part way after our graduation. We could barely recognize each other but thank God we did. We exchange contact and arrange for a date on the next day.”

“It was full of fun and excitements that we both forgot its night already. We are both enjoying the moment so I suggested we spent the night in a hotel the depart the next day and he agreed. We got two rooms and so refreshment.”

“we later hooked up in his room around 10 pm. We are sharing our life adventures and our family story. At that time the thought for sexual activities has filled my heart, I was so weak and just remain flat on the bed as we discuss.”

Fortune started an affair with her friend

“After lots of discussion, we had our first romantic engagement. It’s was interesting and I felt like I have never had such before, my sexual life is coming back to me so I decide I need to keep the fun going. We discussed about and we agreed.”

“Ever since then, I stopped questioning or forcing my husband for sex. He can have me whenever he wants and I have balance the gap leading to problems and troublesome mind in the family. No need for worries, no need to fight, I did what I have to do for my husband peace.”

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The big question

Fortune shared her story justifying cheating to be a way she maintains peace in her home and she claimed doing it for her husband peace. What if the husband finds out about her sexual commitment with her friends, will the husband accept her point?

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