“I trusted my boyfriend but he attempts killing me”; Lady explained how she escaped been used for money ritual

he attempts killing me”; Lady explained how she escaped been used for money ritual

“I trusted my boyfriend but he attempts killing me”; Lady explained how she escaped been used for money ritual

“I trusted him, I couldn’t believe he is a ritualist, I have always doubted any suspicious claim about him until he set me up and attempts using me to renew his money rituals. But thank God am saved, am sharing this story so girl will be more careful when going on a date.”

A lady narrated how she loved and trusted her boyfriend that people tried exposing her guy to be a fraudster and has backed it up with rituals but she declined them and was swimming in the ocean of her relationship with ritualist.

She narrowly escaped being used to renew the ritual and couldn’t believe all she went through before learning the lessons of her life, she was deceived with expensive and flashy things couple with the love and care she received not having a clue of the danger ahead of her. She explained thus:

“I trusted my boyfriend but he attempts killing me”; how it started

“I and Jide has been dating for three (3) years and the relationship was full of fun, romance, love and care. I was blind folded with by way he treats me, he is really good and cool to be with but inside of him lays a deadly plan for me”

“We actually meet one good Sunday at the beach, I and my friends had gone to catch some fun. I had a boyfriend Ayomide but the beach was girls only so we all left our guys behind to have a day full of fun. One crazy friend brought that idea and we all succumbed.”

“He approach and we had few minutes’ interaction which was fun and interesting, bought lots of things for me and my friend as a matter of fact, he ended up taking up the financial part of our beach fun and We ended up exchanging contacts.”

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“He always come looking for me in Range Rover sport car and keep explaining how much he loved me and will appreciate me becoming his wife. He claimed to be a business man that deals with oil and Gas. He is found of giving me money while I don’t ask.”

So much fun in the relationship

“He bought me and Iphone  as birthday gift but before that, he bought me a laptop and jewelries worth of N500,000 and mostly take me to shopping on Sundays. He spent a lot on me without accepting to date him.”

“My friend advised me to give him a chance although and convinced already by his care and loving altitude, I thought I have found a true love and appreciate me with his wealth, I have begun to know most of his friend and they all claimed he is their master in their oil and Gas business.”

“I decided to pick up a date with him. I ended my current relationship and we started dating. The relationship was full of fun, romance and care. He spent on me in an unreasonable matter calling a princess he wants to transform into a queen”

“The relationship last for three years before I finally discovered his real identity when he planned to use me for his ritual renewal. My friend called me to pay attention to his source of income but I don’t care, he has won my love and trust. I never have a thought about it.”

“I was in his house one evening; I was lucky enough to have eaten before leaving. He served me juice and fried rice. He said he got them for me but I was okay then I couldn’t take anything, I was about telling him that when his phone rang, then, he walked out to receive the call.”

Murder attempt and explained how she escaped been used for money ritual

“I take the food and the juice back to the freezer in the kitchen then I proceed to the master room. I was laying there unattended to so I slept off. I don’t know when he came back I don’t know what happened I don’t have the intention of waking I was hoping to pass the night there.”

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“Around 10mp at night, I heard lots of voices in the parlor, they were laughing and sharing good moment, that must be his friend as I thought, I wanted to go and join them when I heard someone saying where is she.”

“The Jide replied, she has taken the juice and the rice, she can’t wake up then another respondent that she is gone for life and they all laughed. I heard Jide again said, Thank God she came, the deadline was tomorrow, if by tomorrow I haven’t gotten the two breast and the “toto”, I can what will happen.”

“At that point I knew I was in trouble already, they had wanted my breasts and my vaginal, I was shaking, I instantly begin to urinate on my body, I don’t know what to do, I can’t get pass them at that moment, there is no way I could have escape.”

“Another said, she has enjoyed the money enough now, she has to return back the favor in multiple, then someone replied saying: yes of course, someone else was the source of the money she is spending so it’s her turn now to renew the money.”

“I was lifeless already, it’s like I meet my death. I was praying in my heart for God’s help then suddenly, my rang, it was with him. He had taken it with him but haven’t switched it off. I believe its God but my inner mind said I should pretend and act innocent.”

how she escaped been used for money ritual: The escape plan

“I just yawned and said Jide are you with my phone with a dull voice like in was just waking up. So off my cloth remaining my breast tube and a short, like a sleeping dress then I begin in proceed to join them in the parlor.”

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“I knew they are all surprised, their looks defined worry I was laughing with them asking them about their lives, I collected my phone from him first I sat beside him and asking where he has been all this while leaving me alone.”

“I told me I haven’t eaten the food and the drink that I will do that now because am sleeping over and would take it for dinner. That, gave him a little hope so he relaxed, if I haven’t done that, they might kill me forcefully.”

“I asked to excuse me while I return my missed called outside, I head straight to the gate and ran away like a thief, I managed to take my phone and ATM card, I left everything behind. I stopped the cap I sighted first and request he take me to any hotel a bit far from that’s estate.”

“I lodged there, sent him a text of how God has deliver me from his evil plan and switched off my phone. I didn’t sleep throughout the night, I was praying and thanking God for the rescue, I would have been killed and use for ritual but God saved me narrowly.”

She narrowly escaped death else should have been used for ritual due to her lost for money and flashy life style and things. What a lesson to learn from.

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