“my act sent him away”; Girl explain how she lost her lover

“my unnoticed act sent him away”, Girl explain how she lost her lover unnoticed.

“I have never notice what I was doing will ending up sending away the love of my life forever, I tried severally to apologize but he is not coming back, I had lost him”

Sandra, a native of Imo state in Nigeria has narrated how she was irritating her lover by her unnoticed act that end up breaking her relationship of 5years with her boyfriend, hoping to enlighten others about this unscrupulous act.

 She took to her twitter account to express sadly and share her sorrowful experience with her followers asking them to learn from her mistake as she claim they love each other but can’t still withstands the fact her boyfriend is gone forever.

She narrated how he had been complaining of this act for the past 4 years of their relationship lifecycle but according to her, she felt it was normal and didn’t actually noticed the danger ahead of keeping this act.

She narrated “he had complained several time during her relationship life spam but I felt its normal and didn’t see the danger that lays ahead, it has caused me my relationship as she tagged me as not being considerate”.

At first, and attempt to make further enquiries fail but a frequently constant and persistence DM actually put her on the line and she narrated the story in full describing it as a “terrible disaster” she has ever had.

How is started

“We meet in a shopping mall where we had come separately to get items. It was five years ago on a cool Sunday evening, I had gone to get some items in the mall and it happened that he paid my bills just to get my attention”.

“He introduced himself as Steve, he had come to get body lotion and spray, we exchanged mobile number and involve in conversation for about 20 minutes beside his Toyota Camry Car. He does request he drop me home but I decline his request and we departed”.

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“He keeps calling days and after day asking me for a date, he does send sweet and lovely text messages to me early in the morning most time at night immediately we end the phone call, calling at night becomes a usual act” 

Sandra recited that she does receive his calls and messages with good spirit because he had created a pleasant personality in her heart the first they meet at the mall that he paid all her bills, she further said she found his conversation lively and interesting always.

She claimed she had a previous relationship that ended few weeks ago before meeting Steve at the mall. She had caught her boyfriend cheating so she walked away from the relationship describing it to be respectful.

She also got a longtime friend who had always keep her company and always create time for her as she claims. They work in same company like each other but choose to be friends. She described their friendship as inseparable union.

Sandra and Steve first date.

“after several failed attempt, I eventually agree to go with him on a date scheduled to be Sunday evening, he both keep up with the time and it was fun. So much of fun that I wish and hope for more of it in future.”

He picked me up with his Camry car as we engaged in funny but interesting conversation throughout our journey to the beach. He had arranged a mini beach party with his friend to welcome me and honor our first date.”

“We had lots of fun, it was a pleasing outing for me. He took some minutes to explain how is felt about me, he said he do love us to give each other a chance and start a future oriented relationship as he aimed at getting married years later.”

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“I have told my friend John about this and he advised I give him a chance since am not in a relationship currently. He gave me reasons upon reasons, upon reasons which finally aid my decision in giving Steve a chance.”

The unseen problem

We started our relationship and I love every single moment we had shared together. He is so loving, caring and a peace seeker, he hates trouble. He is so kind and most times willing take me out for shopping and he became used to giving me lots of surprised gifts.”

“Few months in our new relationship, he had got me a new IPhone, had bought me expensive bags that I never personally asked of, he give me money frequently until I becomes totally too foolish to ask him for anything in my favor. He is doing more than enough.

“Sooner, he starting complaining of the closeness between me and my friend John. Steve is kind of jealous. He began questioning my relationship with John. He tagged it as unbearable condition and had request I end it with immediate effect.”

“Personally, I did notice anything wrong in what I was doing, me and John talked a lots, we play a lots, we had time for each other and we sometimes go out on a date for dinner and there alike and Steve knows about them all.”

“I never knew his kind of man has a weak heart for and my closeness with john keep piercing his heart, he kept complaining and I kept convincing him to be calm that John is just a good friend and nothing than a friend.”

John do call me at any time and I do call him anytime too, he has called while we are having good romance, he had call while we discussing. I was hoping to be building the two relationship but paying good attention to my lover.”

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The problem described as sorrowful Scenario

It was a Saturday morning, in called Steve but he won’t pick up, we are supposed to have a date later that evening but then, John shows up in my house. I welcome him and we began our funny and interesting conversation.”

“I was totally carried away by John that I didn’t noticed my phone rang, Stave had been trying to return my call but I didn’t notice. I had a sign of relieve staying with John that I didn’t remember my date with Steve.”

“Steve claimed he was outside his room when I called but decide to come check on me since id didn’t pick up his calls, he walked in and meet I and John having fun and laughing together, she observed in disbelieve and walk away.”

“Up till now, he had never returned my calls and I can’t locate him. He rooms was always shut and I learned he has gone for course from his work friend which I didn’t believe. But I felt I lost him when I saw a message from him.”

He wrote “I had loved you all my life, I have been planning for your greatness and I have always care but it ended up being the opposite for you. You lied to me, you have been deceiving me.”

“you can keep on with John, am gone and gone forever…..”

“I felt so bad and knew the worst has happened, until now am still hoping for his consideration, I sent lots of text but no reply. I love him so much.”

The Big question

How could Sandra have lost her lover due to uncontrollable friendship with an opposite sex? So disgusting.

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