“My pastor slept with my wife”, Husband reveals wife secret, seek divorce

My pastor has been having sex with my wife but I didn’t believe until I meet him sexing, Husband reveals wife secret and seek for divorce.

“she an Elliot, my pastor has been having sex with her for long, I don’t want to continue in this marriage any more”, Husband lament.

“you are a useless illiterate imbecile, you don’t give me enough sex, you don’t screw as hard as I want, you never made me climax. I hate you”, wife respondent.

How it started, husband share story

A man named Fatai Azeez has shared his story of how his wife Mariam has been having constant sex with their pastor and has taken the case to the migrate court in their locality for a legal divorce in their ten (10) years of marriage.

Mr. Fatai Azeez and his wife were married for ten (10) years and live in igbo-ora, ibarapa local government in Oyo state, they had two kid, a boys and a girl whose biological father is yet to be known due to the incident that occur in their marriage.

The couples are both from a Muslim background but later become Christians due to their personal reason that’s best known to them. They both live together and work in the same locality (igboora).

The wife was a trader while the husband work in the local government (civil servant).

It was a hectic experience for both couple and the court at large when they both make their complaint.

The husband stated by accusing the wife of sleeping with their pastors, he claimed to see them by himself and confirmed that their pastor was on top of his wife banging her the way he has never done before.

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In continued to rain insult on his wife and seek for divorce. He lamented saying: “she an Elliot, my pastor has been having sex with her for long, I don’t want to continue in this marriage anymore”

“I saw them; I saw them with my two naked eyes. My pastor was on top and my wife was underneath him screaming in pleasure as I barge into the room”

“my friend has told me that my pastor had be fucking my wife but I refused to listen to them, she always talked about the pastor and she is used to taking food from my house to him as a man of God which I never opposed for once”

“but now I caught them rare handed on our bed fucking themselves, I didn’t believe until I force myself into the room and saw them naked and fucking, I don’t want her anymore”.

The wife too was not quite but accepted to be having fun with her pastor and called him her joy giver. He insulted her husband and claim to not have ever had a satisfactory sex with him since day one of their marriage.

She responded saying “you are a useless illiterate imbecile, you don’t give me enough sex, you don’t screw as hard as I want, you never made me climax. I hate you”

“you have never satisfy my sex desire before, you are useless man of one round per night and your one round is just five (5) to seven (7) minutes, how do you want to satisfy me with that, I was managing you and you are complaining. Idiot”

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“this pastor is my joy giver, he has been the one making to feel like other women do feel, he has been satisfying my sexual need both days times any time we had a chance a night, I love him now and I have hated you”

The case led uncontrollable chaos in the court room but the case was latter adjourned as both parties refused to respond to question in calmness. It’s obvious they both need a divorce.

the big question is: is the pastor ready to accept her as a wife?

The husband shares his story and how he has not been vigilant enough to have noticed the sexual relationship between his wife and his pastor.

My wife goes to church a lot which I never complain or see it as something not good, I believe going to church will make her be more prayerful and more righteous not knowing that the devil lives in her and she has used the devilish power on her pastor that they both begin sexual activities.

One thing I noticed is that she always complains of me not fucking her to her taste but she is my wife, I can rough handled her not knowing she is being roughed handled by her so called pastor.

I don’t know how long their sexual immorality has lasted but I doubt If am the biological father of our children.
I will definitely get a divorce after which I will proceed to test the DNA of our children, this is unbelievable and I can’t imagine it.

For advice for everyone is that, they should take care of their home and never believe any one. No one is righteous.

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