Top 7 acts that ruined marriage and relationship

Top 7 acts that ruined marriage and relationship

Top 7 acts that ruined marriage and relationship; Avoid act 2 as it destroys the strongest relationships

Relationship as they say is the way in which two or more people or things are connected or the state of being connected.

Building a solid and smooth relationship of any kind is not as easy as its sound especially when the relationship is relating to dating or marriage as the case may be.

Cheating in a relationship is an act of dishonesty or unfairly I order to gain an advantage, there are several reasons they have been recorded to why people cheat in a relationship, however, there is no justifiable reason why one should cheat in a relationship.

Cheating has destroyed many relationship and ruin many home, it has even go as far breaking marriages and splitting couples.

Only a few people either a male or female can overlook the fact that their spouse che3at and move on in their relationship.

Some choose to overlook due to the love that felt while some due to their kindness of heart but no cheating case has ever been taken likely.

Making a relationship work out is very important for anyone going into a relationship because starting the relationship doesn’t really mean it will last longer enough.

Being cheated in a relationship is unbearable to others while other will just walk from the relationship without being much heart broken.

We gather top seven (7) signs and tips that will guild you determining the fate of your spouse.

Before you decide either to correct or walk out of your relationship, take a few minutes to read through his strategy that are associated with cheating in any relationship (dating or marriage).

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Breakdown in communication

The grease to relation development is smooth and persistent communication, how close two people will be in a relationship depends on their level of communication.

Communication is the water that’s is need to a relationship to grow strong and bring forth fruits.

Now when there is break or gap in communication there is a guarantee that the relationship is about to influence by third party.

Gap in communication will result to gap and separation of the hearts as well as the mind and when the hearts are separated there come in a third party who will be trying to fill in the gap which in turn lead to cheating in most cases.

If the communication between you and your spouse or partners breaks down, there will be a conflicting difference, things that are not pleasant to the family or relationship values begins to happen and both parties will be exposed to external affairs.


Pride as its sound is the state of being proud in an unreasonable overestimated of one’s own superiority and a says goes thus “pride comes before downfall”.

When pride took over any one in a relationship, he seems to values himself above the relationship which is unhealthy for the growth of such relationship.

When there is pride, one can never say “sorry”, they get irritated by minor things.

They feel that they are not respected enough, they are given enough attention and looks for comfort elsewhere.

Refusing to adjust to seasonal changes

Change is constant and part of human life, things change, situation might change which can lead a little discomfort for a while for forever depending on the nature of the changes.

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It could be in form of change in financial situation, working environment or domestic changes.
But refusing to adjust to current situation and still wanting the past actually bring about the demolishing of any strong relationship irrespective of the age.

Change must come and it must be accepted.

For example, having a new born baby in the house and yet, complaining of not getting more or enough attention or being neglected from your partner is a refusal to accept the change.

Another example is having job loss or financial loss or problem and refusing to work them out with your partner and you come up with a parallel financial structure for that family.

Flattering with an opposite sex

Our mind most times is occupied by what we hear and our actions is mostly influenced by what we see.

If a partner keeps sending an opposite sex endless texts, sharing explicit pictures, sooner or later the feelings becomes to overtake the mind.

when you look long at something for long, your eyes will wink with telling narrations, your handshake will linker with a usual warmth, the touches and brushes will ignite unquenchable fire and the rest as they say is absolute history.

because the heart begins to feel a kind of division that can ignite other acts.

Having constant innocent dates with an opposite sex

It is good to keep friends, it cool to interact with people irrespective of their sex but if date continues for so long with an opposite sex the heart being to jiggle.

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Just an innocent coffee dates with the same person (opposite sex) will change the how you feel and your thought will begin experiencing changes.

Do that for a couple of weeks and let compare notes and feelings

Associating with people who normalize affairs

When you accompany yourself with people who normalize having affairs then it just about to take away your commitment and honesty towards your relationship.

They give you graphical stories and illustrate how they had affairs and engagement with someone else until that becomes your new normal life style because your mind will degenerate to attempt it

Keep reading provocative magazines, keep watching explicit videos

If you keep reading stimulating magazines and find joy on watching explicit sex video over and over again, they will create an ideal lover in your head and you will go out to look for him or her at the dispense of your current relationship.

Realistically, we had made much effort to bring out this top fact that may be about to ruin your relationship or marriage, the far you do away with these facts, the stronger your relation will be. If you value your relationship, begin avoiding these facts.

Thank you for reading, do share and let us know how you felt in the comment section. Sharing this post means saving a relationship.

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